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Alleviate your muscle and joint pain with one20percent recovery cream

The one20percent R120 recovery cream delivers a smooth warming and cooling comfort for sole muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons

If you’ve been dealing with pain or inflammation from sore muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons, don’t let them prevent you from giving it 120 per cent. An athletic performance company out of British Columbia called one20percent has created a natural recovery cream formulated to reduce discomfort and combat sore muscles and joints, so you can train consistently.

Their product, R120, is a scientifically designed recovery cream with a blend of powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory natural and essential oils to deliver smooth-textured, warming and cooling comfort for sore muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. It’s the kind of product that works well on sore muscles, or a tough ride in cold or rainy conditions.

Using the warming and cooling methods this cream works by numbing pain caused by stress around pressure points and joints. The organic ingredients penetrate the nerves relieving pain and relaxing the aching joints.

One20percent wanted to make a natural recovery product that featured non-toxic, ethically-sourced ingredients, derived from plants and cruelty-free.

The R120 natural recovery cream has four key ingredients: organic copaiba oil, organic arnica Montana flower extract, natural menthol and magnesium chloride. The combination of ingredients helps boost recovery and relieve muscle tension.

If you are looking for a cream to help you recover faster to perform at your highest level, you can read more about R120 natural recovery cream and purchase it on  one20percent.com.