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Beers Earned is the performance metric we need in 2020

Did you really earn that post-ride brew?

Beers Earned

Forget FTP and W/kg, 2020 is all about letting go and having fun on the bike. Beers Earned is here to help.

The app, which works on a wide range of cycling computers and smartwatches, finally provides an empirical answer to that nagging question: did you really earn that post-ride beer?

Beers Earned goes one step further. It shows you exactly how many beers you earned with your ride. And, to keep you motivated along the way, you can set Beers Earned as a data field on your Garmin or other computer. The little beer glass will even fill up as you ride!

Beers Earned
Beers Earned fills your glass in real time. It also works on watches for you multisport or cyclocross types.

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Of course, you should probably do more to recover from your ride than drink beer (or … chocolate milk for those not of legal drinking age). Beers Earned is a simple, fun app. It just converts your estimated calories burned into a number of beers. So if it’s showing you earned four beers, some of those calories should be replenished as food, or a non-alcoholic beverage.

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Beers Earned
Set the app to earn a nice amber lager or your favorite stout.

While it is a quite basic app, Beers Earned does offer some customization. You can choose your type of beer. You can also set the calorie count per beer to match your favorite ale or craft brew. This lets you set a more accurate beer count. Or set it to be more generous, you do you.

Of course, Beers Earned is all about finding another fun way to add motivation to your ride. We don’t actually recommend you drink 10 beers after your Sunday epic road ride. This wouldn’t help your training and probably isn’t a good idea for your general health, either. Canadian Cycling Magazine always recommends the responsible consumption of alcohol. We also think you earned that beer no matter how long or short your ride was. Any time you get out on the bike is worth celebrating!