Coffee shops are an integral part of the cycling experience for amateurs and pros alike. Whether on a long training ride or a relaxing spin with a coffee shop as the final destination, cyclists love a warm caffeinated beverage often accompanied by a pastry. While you probably have fallen into a routine of which espresso-based drink you order most frequently, we put the important question to some of Canada’s top road cyclists. Over a long season of tens of thousands of kilometres, there’s a lot of opportunities for coffee stops. So what are Canadian pros go-to coffee stop order? Have a look below and maybe you’ll be inspired to try something new on your next mid-ride coffee stop.

James Piccoli – Elevate-KHS

“Anytime I’m back home I stop at Le Club Espresso Bar for a cappuccino and something sweet. Best ride stop in Montreal!”

Michael Woods – EF Education First Pro Cycling

“Easy, an Americano and a chocolate chip cookie. Ideally a chocolate chip cookie with some nut in there. Phil Gaimon says he is the “cookie guy”, but I eat way more cookies than him per day.”

Alison Jackson – Tibco-SVB

“My favourite drink to get is a cortado also known as a piccolo latte or a gibraltar depending on where you go. It is a very small latte: equal parts of foamy milk to a double espresso. I like it because it is a very espresso forward milky coffee. Too much milk kills it. I might have one or two of these depending on how loungy we get at the cafe stop. Other times if I want to really taste an interesting bean or roast I will ask for a V60 pour over, a slow black coffee. With that, I’ll eye up whichever cake looks fluffy and moist, like banana bread, and be real happy.”

Marie-Soleil Blais – Astana Women’s Team

“I usually get a cappuccino with soy milk. If no dairy-free option, I’ll go for the double espresso or my home favourite: a classic pour-over.”

Antoine Duchesne – Groupama-FDJ

“Well, if I stop for coffee, which a don’t do often, I’ll usually get an éclair au chocolat or some pecan pie, with a double espresso. That would be my way to go!”

Sara Poidevin – Rally Cycling

“My pre-race coffee ride order is an Americano and on recovery days, I’ll order tea.”

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