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18-year-old cyclist hit twice by driver in brutal attack recorded on video

Rogan Bennett was riding home when the altercation occurred

Photo by: RebeccaZandberg

Roger Bennett, 18 is lucky to be alive after a brutal incident involving a motorist when he was riding in London, ON. on the weekend. The young rider says he rides quite a bit in the city and this was not the first time a motorist has hit him. In fact, it’s the third time, according to a CBC report.

“I’ve never had someone try to actually steer their car into me while I’m right in front of them, so that was definitely jarring,” he said. “Drivers need to start caring more about what’s going on. This is my third time being hit now and I’m just tired of it.”

Bennett riding home Saturday night when the car in front of him was ast a stop sign. The cyclist says that when he tried to go around the vehicle, the driver tried to run him off the road. Once Bennett noticed the driver was contining to drive erratically, he decided to take a photo of his license plate to report the person to the police.

It was at this point the motorist drove into the young man. Thankfully, a driver behind had a dash cam and recorded the entire incident. Bennett suffered minor injuries including a sore foot, but he is going to continue to keep riding. According to the CBC, London police have not yet begun an investigation.

Check out the dashcam footage below.