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$2,000 for a ‘lightly worn’ jersey? Used gear market is getting out of hand

Only worn for 18 days, on a quick ride around France...

There’s used kit and then there’s used kit. While most of us wouldn’t pay $2,000 for a pre-worn jersey, this one is a little different. Lachlan Morton is auctioning off the jersey he wore for 18 days straight while riding the Alt Tour, his parallel and unsupported ride of the complete Tour de France route earlier this year.

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“This is the jersey I wore for the entirety of the Alt Tour. We had some times. I thought about holding onto it but it can do more good changing hands than under my bed,” Morton posted in the auction announcement. The EF Education Nippo rider is auctioning this unique and pre-worn piece of memorabilia to raise funds for Pedaling Minds.

For those wondering, no, Morton’s Alt Tour bibs are not next on the auction block. After covering the entire 5,508-km Tour de France route – transfers included – there’s secrets in those bibs no man should know.

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Lachlan Morton Alt Tour
Lachlan Morton on his Alt Tour ride. Photo: Grubers

Pro riders selling race jerseys for charity isn’t new, of course. Most jerseys are worn for a single Tour stage or a specific race. Morton put 18 very long days in wearing the same Rapha EF kit. From that perspective, one could argue the $2,000 price tag is a solid bargain.

The eBay description of Morton’s Alt Tour jersey is minimal, describing the jersey as “heavily used” and adding that Morton “will sign it if you want it defaced.”

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Bids are at US$2,050 right now if you want this piece of history for yourself. The auction will close at 5:45 a.m. MST on Wed., Dec. 15, 2021.

Based in Louisville, Colo., Pedaling Minds uses bikes as tools for learning, working in schools to teach students collaborative thinking, teamwork, problem solving and coordination though a program designed to build self-confidence.

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