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A $6 power meter?

Danish company plans to sell power meter technology to bike manufacturers

A Danish technology company is attempting to making power meters more accessible. Sensitivus Gauge ApS has released it’s non-exclusive power meter building information for a low cost and will be selling to  manufacturers.

Materials are not included, so companies will have to independently figure out the cost of physically building the power meters but Sensitivus will provide all the how-to. The company claims that the materials needed for a power meter can cost as little as $6.

When manufacturers purchase Sensitivus technology they will be given: “Full non-exclusive access to schematics, source code, mechanical drawings, reference designs, and all the know-how needed for both the immediate implementation of power meter technology in a crankset and to further develop new solutions including pedal-based power meters.”

The company plans to sell directly to manufacturers in order to keep costs low. Sensitivus says that integrating its technology into a crankset can be done in as little as three months.

A lot of the cost of power meters comes from the huge amount of research and design required to create a working component. By packaging and selling this aspect of production Sensitivus is cutting a chunk of the cost of making a power meter and theoretically allowing the manufacturer to sell them at a lower price point.

 A MTB and Gravel advantage

“We pioneered the rechargeable battery with a magnetic charging connector in 2016,” says Sensitivus CEO Rolf Ostergaard . “As our first major customer was a pure MTB brand, the vibration-sensitive cadence algorithm is among the most robust in the industry giving our technology a definite edge for both MTB and gravel. This algorithm has years of pro-level testing and we are very happy with the performance. All-in-all our technology is mature and easy to integrate.”