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A group of teenagers stole a man’s bike…and returned it 10 minutes later

The gang of thieves had a mysterious change of heart

Photo by: Getty Images

Six young men confronted a man in Cumbria, England, and ultimately stole his bike…only to return it 10 minutes afterwards. Local authorities are now investigating the incident, which happened on Thursday.
According to the Cumbria Crack (yes, that’s the name of the local paper) the 30-year-old man was outside of a parking garage, when the group of six approached him. They ranged in ages from late teens to early twenties, according to the man.

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Eventually, one of the guys grabbed the bike away from the owner, and tried to assault him.

In a strange twist, just 10 minutes later the group decided to return the bike, a green Giant, to the man.

Although the bike was returned, local police are still trying to track the group down given the nature of the incident.