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A Hamilton driver stalked, targeted, and allegedly ran cyclists off the road

Some disturbing behaviour from a local motorist, and it's all on video

Update on Hamilton cyclist hit-and-run investigation Photo by: Tim Stevens/YouTube

Matthew was cycling with his brother and friend down Sydenham Hill in Dundas when they heard what they perceived as aggressive honking behind them, according to David Shellnutt, also known as The Biking Lawyer. As they continued down the steep and winding road, they turned around and saw a motorist, allegedly Tim Stevens, blaring his horn and closing in on them.

Cyclist thrown off his bike

He then allegedly sped up behind them and intentionally “close-passed” the three cyclists. Stevens swerved within inches of Matthew and hit him with the trailer. Matthew was thrown off his bike and skidded across the road and into a ditch for about 8 metres.

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According to Shellnutt, The driver immediately took off. However, Matthew’s friend skillfully caught up with him on a downhill stretch and demanded he wait for the police. Matthew, suffering serious injuries, was taken to the hospital. Shellnutt is now representing Matthew.

Three days later, driver stalks cyclists and films

According to the lawyer, “As terrifying as this incident is, we suspect it is not an isolated event. On May 25, 2024, just three days after running Matthew off the road, Mr. Stevens was back in the Sydenham Hill area. He stalked and harassed cyclists for 23 minutes, speeding, honking, and shouting at a group of cyclists, all while filming as he drove, before ultimately running a full red light himself.”

Sydenham Hill is a popular training spot for local cyclists in the Greater Hamilton Area, frequently used for its challenging terrain and scenic views.

Shellnutt’s office has informed the Hamilton Police of this ongoing threat to vulnerable road users. They shared the video evidence and awaiting confirmation of any charges. “We have shared the video evidence above and await confirmation of what charges, if any, will be levelled against this motorist,” he said.

Demand for action against driver

In addition to careless driving and unsafe passing, Shellnutt said there was clear intent behind this incident and asked the Hamilton Police to consider several charges against Stevens. They are Criminal Negligence, Assault Causing Bodily Harm, and Assault with a Weapon. Canadian Cycling Magazine has reached out to Hamilton Police for an update.

Here’s the footage that Stevens took: