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A new way to get the bike you want

Sustainability is a key factor of Cycling Avenue’s philosophy

The past few years has seen a bike boom, which is a good thing…unless you want a bike! Sales have gone through the roof both in traditional brick and mortar stores as well as online. Although people have been buying bikes off of Kijiji or Facebook for years, there’s never been quite the surge as there is now.

This can present many challenges when buying online. Not only are there more people wanting bikes, recent supply chain issues means it can be tough to buy a brand new bike.

That means people are looking for used bikes more than ever. This can be hard enough given the lack of bikes for  sale. Along with that, more problems arise. Let’s say the bike you want is not available in your price range and local area, what next? Not all sellers will want to ship the bike you want across the country, and furthermore, there are risks involved.

You may not always get the bike you thought you bought. The photos may not always match the quality of your purchase. If you buy it and it’s not in the condition you expected, the options to get a refund can be limited and time-consuming. It can also be a hassle to sell your bike online. You might have to deal with dozens of texts or emails with a buyer, only to find out they are not interested.

The Canadian company Cycling Avenue, based in Montreal, has found a solution that can help you get the bike you want, problem-free. It also provides an easy, reliable way to sell your bike or gear.

Their services aren’t just limited to bicycles: it’s other bicycle equipment such as indoor trainers, wheels, components and apparel.

Turnkey solutions

There’s three ways to use the Cycling Avenue services: buy, sell, or trade. You can go directly on the website and can either choose to sell or to trade your bike. If you trade up, you buy a new bike and if you sell you get it for cash. If you sell or trade in the Montreal greater area, Cycling Avenue can pick the bike up directly with the company’s van services.

Options from coast to coast

If you live in any other part of Canada, and you want to trade or sell directly with the company, they’ll send you a nice big plastic box and shipping labels. It’s that easy. The business model makes it as simple as possible for both the seller, and the buyer. You also have the option to go to any of their partner bike shops across the country to trade your ride for an in-store credit toward your new purchase!

It’s all about peace of mind for both parties involved, which when buying and selling online, can sometimes be hard to get.


Every single one of Cycling Avenue’s bikes undergo a complete inspection, verification, cleaning, and reassembly. Depending on the type of bike and its original condition, their team of experienced mechanics will choose the necessary tune-up to add the most value, performance, and life to the bike. Cycling Avenue will change any components of the bike that are not up to standard. This ensures that following the refurbishing process the bike can have the highest possible value.

Circular economy is key

If you haven’t heard of this way of business before, don’t worry. It’s a super straightforward way that is all about sustainability. It’s just as it sounds: the model revolves around the circle of sharing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing products. It means that a bike in someone’s basement can be easily refurbished, sold and given a new lease on life with a buyer–even if they are on the other side of the country.

The buyer and the seller in mind

Marketplaces such as Kijiji and eBay have revolutionized the accessibility of used goods. However, it is sometimes difficult to trust what you buy on these platforms. Buying a bike worth thousands of dollars from someone you don’t know…that comes with its own set of risks. That’s where Cycling Avenue makes all the difference. Cycling Avenue has a series of processes that will ensure that both the buyer is satisfied, and the seller can sell his bike quickly and efficiently.

The buyer has a full month to ride the bike and make sure they like it. There’s also financing and flexible payments available. As well, there are photos taken at the workshop–so there are no surprises. You’ll get exactly what you pay for.

It also means the seller does not have to stress about any miscommunications by email or text with the buyer. We’ve all been there, and it can be a pain. Cycling Avenue’s system fixes that. There is no back and forth with between the buyer and seller.  The company takes the bike off of the seller’s hands for cash, and that is that. For the seller, there is no more stress.

A solution that has legs for the planet: LAPS

Cycling Avenue’s circular approach extends beyond bicycles. The parent company, LAPS, is trying to change the way that sporting goods are bought and sold. The idea is to maximize the use of all cycling products and make sure they don’t end up in the trash, especially components and clothing. The idea of sustainability doesn’t end there. Bikes are cleaned using environmentally friendly cleaners, and all packing materials are reused. Same with the boxes.

So if you’re looking for gear, but want to be involved in a process that not only guarantees your satisfaction, but may at the same time keep our landfills from growing, check out Cycling Avenue.


This story is presented by Cycling Avenue