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A Paris driver used the bike lane to pass traffic in the most obnoxious way

It’s one of the worst examples of motorist violations in a long time

a car passes bikes in Paris in the bike lane Photo by: @festinaboy

Bike lanes are for bikes. Not cars. Not trucks. Not vans. Bikes. That’s why the word “bike” is there. Otherwise it would be car lanes. Or truck lanes. Or van lanes.

Bike lanes are not for parking. They are not used to get ahead of traffic. They are not a shortcut. They are for bikes.

New Yorkers may get paid for snitching on people who park in bike lanes

On Monday, a brutal display of ignorance took place in Paris. There is no ambiguity over the bike lane. There’s no construction. There’s no detour. The bike lane is clearly painted green with, you know, bikes painted in the lane. There can be no confusion. The driver quite obviously knew what they were doing.

This parking officer is the absolute GOAT when ticketing cars in bike lanes

The motorist is clearly doing this to get ahead of traffic, paying no regard to the vulnerable road users they are putting in danger. It’s astonishing.