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A race official got a bit too handsy with Lorena Wiebes after her win

Many are shocked at the behaviour at the Binche Chimay Binche pour Dames

Lorena Wiebes after the race

There was some strange behaviour by a race official after Lorena Wiebes (Team DSM) took the win at the Binche Chimay Binche pour Dames in Belgium on Thursday. The Dutch rider beat Marjolein van’t Geloof (Le Col-Wahoo) and Anniina Ahtosalo (Uno-X) for the win, and once she crossed the line, was greeted by someone working for the race.

The race official touched her several times, apparently to guide her to the podium. He confirmed she was the winner, and then continued to put his hand on her shoulder, despite her body language quite obviously suggesting she’d rather him not touch her.

Wiebes tries to move away from him, but the official follows her and again touches her back.

She then tries to push him off and ride away from him. The official follows her, trying to grab her bike seat and then, once again, puts his hand on her shoulder.

Finally, Wiebes manages to drop the man, and she rides to her teammates and they celebrate her victory.
Many took to social media to post about how the behaviour was unprofessional and inappropriate.

Some wondered if the official was trying to simply corral her to the podium, but there was a better way to do it that didn’t involve so much touching.  Many others said that she was clearly sending a message she didn’t want to be touched. Some wondered if the man might be a doping official, trying to make sure he didn’t lose sight of her before she did her post-race drug test, but that it still shouldn’t involve so much touching.

Some recalled a moment when Cadel Evans, wearing the yellow jersey, yelled at an official not to touch him after the race.

Wiebes is no stranger to podium protocol, either, and would have known precisely what to do after winning a pro race. This year alone she’s had several big wins, including two stage wins at the Tour de France Femmes, first at the UEC European Road Championships, and three stages at the Women’s Tour, among others.

You can watch the post-race incident below: