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A Taco Bell Century sounds like the most amazingly horrible thing to do

Imagine 160 km fuelled by MexiMelts and Doritos Locos Tacos Supremes

Photo by: @bicyclecrumbs

Cyclists love to make up new challenges, and a Taco Bell Century sounds like the worst thing you could do to your body. So sign me up!

Taco Bell has a long history with cycling. Three-time Tour de France champion Greg LeMond was even sponsored by them, and made several commercials for them. And for amateur cyclists who may be on the road without a lot of dineros, the grub can hit the spot–even though it’s maybe not the best. (Aside, if you live in Texas or SoCal, or anywhere where there are taco carts or authentic Mexican food, why would you go to Taco Bell? There are lots of tacquieras across the country that are superior. Maybe it’s nostalgia? Personally speaking, I could crush a 7-layer Burrito right now.)

Anyway, there are of course rules for a Taco Bell Century. According to a post from the popular Instagrammer @bicyclecrumbs the rules for the TBC have been updated for 2023.

“All nutrition must come from Taco Bell. You may not carry bottles and may not repeat items (including liquids.) You must order something at every stop. This even must be completed in a team of two or more. Our time was was 6hr 54 minutes with eight Taco Bells. I must thank all of our supporters who helped us accomplish this amazing athletic endeavor.”

The biggest questions are, what do you order? Gorditas? Soft tacos? Bean Burritos? Meximelts? Churros?

Finally, how many bathroom breaks do you schedule on a Taco Bell Century? Asking for a friend.

Check out the brave souls who made the century con comida Mexicana below.