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A Toronto police officer hit a cyclist when he was ticketing riders in High Park

The collision is the latest in a series of incidents

A cyclist standing in front of a Toronto police car that hit him Photo by: David Shellnutt

High Park continues to be drama-filled for cyclists. Police have been ticketing cyclists for going too fast (over 20 km/h) or going through stop signs, but last night, according to lawyer David Shellnutt, a police officer hit a cyclist.

“Last night while harassing people on bikes in High park, an officer hit a cyclist in a bike lane. The officer failed to stop at a stop sign and yield the right of way. Sun was in his eyes apparently. Cyclist ok but property damage. Officer not charged,” Shellnutt tweeted.

In an open letter to Mayor John Tory, Shellnutt said enough is enough.

A Toronto woman was knocked off her bike by a guy who said he was “fed up with cyclists”

“Yesterday, after ticking cyclists for not stopping at stop signs, an officer failed to take his own advice hitting a cyclist in the very park he was sent to protect. The irony should be lost on no one, including Mayor Tory.

“The cycling community had asked for the City of Toronto to lower the temperature on our streets, but they have not listened. We fear for our lives,” Shellnutt said. “As lawyers for injured cyclists, several hit and seriously injured by motorists within a block of High Park, these blitzes are an affront. They demonstrate a mayor and police service deeply out of touch with the current state of affairs on Toronto’s roads.”