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Alberta company 4iiii to support Etixx-Quick-Step as the team’s supplier of power data

The innovative tech company joins Specialized Bicycle Components in providing technical support for the team this season.

Image: Etixx-Quick-Step
Image: Etixx-Quick-Step

Etixx-Quick-Step has new support in the form of an Alberta-based company, 4iiii Innovations Inc., which has been named the team’s official supplier of power measurement. 4iiii joins Specialized Bicycle Components in providing material support to the team.

Via the partnership, 4iiii will be providing the squad’s 30 elite riders with dual-sided Precision Pro power meters.

“We’re honoured,” announced Kip Fyfe, the company’s president and CEO, “to support the proven commitment and excellence of both Specialized and Team Etixx-Quick-Step. The sophistication of our technology allows us to produce relevant, differentiated products that lead to measurable results for athletes in many sports.”

“We’re looking forward to seeing the benefits of our concepts realized on the global stage,” he added.

Team Etixx - Quick-Step's PRECISION PRO power meter. (Image: provided)
Team Etixx – Quick-Step’s PRECISION PRO power meter. (Image: provided)

The company’s dual-sided power meters streamline and monitor athletes’ performance with real-time, in-depth, accurate wattage data, along with other performance metrics. Precision Pro meters also perform that function while saddling riders with as little extra weight as possible. Two pods, installed on the inside surface of the cranks, add up to only 25 extra grams of heft—meaning that measuring the race performance of Etixx-Quick-Step’s riders won’t slow them down, too.

Notably, the sophisticated meters are also advanced in their smart design, incorporating Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ wireless technology to provide the squad’s cyclists with accurate reads of their power. Though the Cochrane, Alta.-based company is relatively new, they add the Precision Pro meters to an already impressive list of innovations in cycling, including Viiiiva, its first ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart-enabled heart rate monitor, and Sportiiii, which provides riders with vital data through an eyewear-mounted system complete with audio and visual prompts.

Etixx-Quick-Step, meanwhile, is optimistic about their new partnership with the Canadian tech company.

“We are happy to partner with 4iiii for this race season,” said Patrick Lefevere, the team’s chief executive officer. “4iiii’s history is relatively new but well established in the world of cycling. We’re delighted they’re making their debut in the professional cycling world with us. We want to welcome them and hope it’s just the beginning of a fruitful and lasting collaboration.”