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Alberto Contador couldn’t finish this Everesting Gran Fondo

The cyclist says he ‘wasn’t prepared’ for the 242km Tour des Stations ultra-fondo

Retired Grand Tour winner Alberto Contador was not able to complete the Tour des Stations event in Switzerland, which he says he was ‘not prepared for.’

The merciless event challenges riders to complete 242km with 8,800m of elevation. The ultra-fondo category was called the ‘Everest’, as riders completing the route would also successfully Everest (ride the same elevation of Mount Everest.)

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Contador abandons

Contador, who has won the Tour de France twice, the Giro d’Italia twice, and the Vuelta a Espana three times, was forced to abandon the race just under eight hours in. “Crazy day leaving at 4am for the Tour de Stations,” he said in his Strava post. “It was an Ultra Fondo for which I was not prepared.”

It wasn’t the first time the 38-year-old attempted an Everest ride. Contador briefly held the world Everesting record in July 2020, though at that point in time the record was changing almost daily, and his time was beat by Ronan McLaughlin just days later.

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The 38-year-old still managed to ride 167km and climbed 5,900m. Despite having to abandon the race, he said it was a “very rich” experience. “Next year more and better,” said Contador with a winking emoji.

The winner of the race, Swiss rider Addy Raphael, completed the course in nine hours and 27 minutes. Swedish rider Eva Lindskog won the women’s event, with a time of 11 hours and 46 minutes.