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Alison Jackson just went full-on X-Files on TikTok

The evidence is shocking

Photo by: Alison Jackson/TikTok

With less than a week before Hallowe’en, everyone, including Olympian Alison Jackson, is getting into the spooky season. But for the pro cyclist, it seems that ghost hunting is not a game. It’s serious.

Are spirits real? Is there life after death? These are big questions. How can we explain the unexplainable?

The good news is, with the off-season in full swing. Alison Jackson is on the case. The former national champion is getting ready for 2023, where she will be reunited with the O.G. “Action Jackson,” Linda. Alison will be riding with Linda’s squad, EF Education–TIBCO–SVB. Linda Jackson, a former national champion herself as well as Olympian , has been amping up her team since 2006, and it’s gone from an American-based team to a highly-touted international team.

But anyway, back to ghosts.

Are there things that science simply can’t explain? You tell me.


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Is it possible that our understanding of the world is incomplete? Even NASA has created a team to study UFOs using unclassified data. They promise to publish their results in a a report that will be made available in 2023.

With that in mind, and based on these videos, could there be more out there than flesh and blood and all things human? How else can you possibly find a logical rationale for this?


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♬ Scary – Background Sounds

These videos are clear indicators that we need to ask more questions. The cycling community should not rest until it can find real and plausible explanations for the startling videos that Jackson has posted,

The truth is out there, Scully.