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Amy Pieters has setback in recovery, experiences several epileptic seizures

Former pro cyclist had terrible crash in 2021

Amy Pieters on a recumbent Photo by: Team SD Worx

On Friday, Team SD Worx tweeted that the former pro cyclist, Amy Pieters has had several setbacks in her recovery. The multiple Dutch champion lost consciousness after a a fall while riding with the national team in Spain. After the crash, she had surgery on her head to alleviate the pressure that had built up. Pieters was put in an induced coma until April of 2022.

In a statement, Team SD works said that there haven’t been many updates lately about the rider and it’s due to her rehabilitation being difficult. “This is mainly due to a number of setbacks that she had to deal with. Pieters has had several epileptic seizures in a short period of time that slowed down her recovery,” it read. “As a result, she has suffered a relapse in her mobility and her motivation to recover is also somewhat difficult due to the adjusted medication. This is a difficult period for her, but also for everyone who works and interacts with her.”

Amy Pieters unconscious but in stable condition, to be transported to the Netherlands

Pieters can now answer with a clear yes and no, but unfortunately it is not yet possible to really have a conversation in sentences, the statement continued. The cyclist mainly communicates with facial expressions.

She is able to ride outside, however. In fact, Pieters still prefers to get on her bicycle and go for a ride outside, rather than sitting on an indoor trainer in the gym. She is riding an adapted bike that the Amy Pieters foundation purchased for her, as well as a system to warn in the event of an epileptic attack.

Still, her family is trying to be positive and hopes that things can ultimately get better. “Hope and motivation that Amy will show us some nice results. After all, Amy remains our champion.”

For more information about the Amy Pieters foundation, you can visit www.amypieters.nl