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Andy Schleck is selling his team’s brand new kit

The firesale comes after a UCI ban on the squad’s outfit

Photo by: Facebook/andywomenteam

It’s usually a happy time when pro teams launch their new kit with new sponsors, unless you’re Andy Schleck. The former pro cyclist got quite the shock on Monday following the news that several teams had launched their new jerseys for next year all shared orange and purple designs. SD Worx, Human Powered Health, and the new UAE Team all unveiled similar-looking jerseys in recent weeks, which creates a bit of a headache for fans trying to spot their favourite rider in the bunch next year.

These three pro teams’ new jerseys kinda all look the same

Although Andy Schleck-CP NVST-Immo Losch was the only one to maintain its team colours and design from 2021, they were the one ordered to get create a new look.

Needless to say, the Luxembourgish champ and team owner was not thrilled. “Our team was highly surprised because our team is the only team of all teams below who did not change their jersey colors in any way compared to our 2021 jersey,” he wrote on the team’s Facebook page. “Despite that our team was the first of all UCI teams with this design, the UCI still denied our jersey and leaves our team behind with an unfair feeling, especially because all our kit was already finished.”

“At the end, our team also has to follow the UCI instructions which resulted in a new jersey design for 2022 for our team,” the statement continued. “We are proud and thankful to all sponsors who gave our team an extra financial injection and we are proud to see our team comes out stronger out of this situation.”

On Wednesday, the team began selling their kit. If you want to get some brand-new, never-worn (like, legit) one-of-a-kind collector’s items of the team clothes that never were, it’s now for sale on their Facebook page.