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Are EF-Education riders wearing their socks on the wrong feet?

There’s a new Internet watchdog making sure everything is matchy-matchy

Photo by: EF Education-TIBCO-SVB @EF_TIBCO_SVB

Remember when you were a little kid, learning how to wear shoes and your mom or dad would use the marker and write L and R on your shoes? EF Education–EasyPost and EF Education–TIBCO–SVB don’t have such a convenience when it comes to their socks. The men’s and women’s teams just unveiled their new kits and the socks are different colours: Left is light pink and right is dark pink.

Being a pro is tricky enough with training and nutrition, so thankfully there’s a Twitter account out there making sure the WorldTour teams have their socks in a row.

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The account @efsockcheck, a.k.a. “Are EF’s socks on right?” is doing God’s work, by making sure the riders don’t have to worry about their sartorial choices. Given that the team’s boss, Jonathan Vaughters is a bit of a dandy himself, it’s good news for fashion in cycling

Vaughters, famous for bringing argyle, tweed and three-piece suits to the peloton, joked that this is an important account to follow.

So far, the team seems to me mastering the mismatching chausettes well. Five-time junior world champion and new recruit Zoe Bäckstedt made note of the news, tweeting about it.

Both she and Lachlan Morton have passed the test of stocking scrutiny, as the account notes. But the season is long…so let’s see what tomorrow brings.