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Are these the greatest cycling shoes ever?

For the cyclist who has everything

Photo by: Valcko Studios

Looking for a new pair of cycling shoes this fall? Do you also work in a hospital or restaurant? Do you like to draw attention to yourself or anger your friends? If so, we have the shoes for you. Or, better yet,  shoes that would make a great gift for your rival on the local group ride. Don’t forget, Christmas is around the corner.

Valcko studios has married the famous (or infamous) Croc with recessed soles, along with those trusty bolt mounts for Shimano SPD cleats. The studio is based in Paris, and the shoes are currently listed at €666.00, if you’ve already taken your wallet out.

The company specializes in taking non-cycling shoes…and turning them into clipless pedal-compatible versions.

They already have some high-level exposure from none other than Lachlan Morton, who seems to have swapped his trusty Birkenstocks for Crocs.

After a strange year for bike racing, this seems like a perfect set of kicks for 2021.