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Ariane Bonhomme and Maggie Coles-Lyster claim wins at Tucson Bicycle Classic

Canadians nab final stage and overall victory over three days of early season racing in Arizona

After three days in Arizona, two Canadian racers emerged victorious at the Tucson Bicycle Classic. Canadian Olympian Ariane Bonhomme claimed the G.C. title. Maggie Coles-Lyster won the final circuit race, adding to her earlier victory in the road race.

Bonhomme battles numbers to hold TT advantage

Arianne Bonhomme (The Cyclery Racing) took a lead early in the three-day Tucson Bicycle Classic. The Canadian used her skills from the track, where she represented Canada as part of the Women’s Pursuit squad in Tokyo 2020, to take the lead in Friday’s individual time trial. From there, she and Cyclery teammate Caileigh Filmer defended that lead against the larger teams in the race.

Bonhomme finished third behind Coles-Lyster (DNA Pro Cycling) and New Zealand’s Rylee McMullen (InstaFund Racing) in the Stage 2 road race. In the final event, a circuit race, Bonhomme conceded four seconds of her advantage, finishing 10th, but held on to the overall victory.

Coles-Lyster doubles up on stage wins

Maple Ridge, B.C.’s Maggie Coles-Lyster nabbed a pair of wins over three stages in Tucson. Like Bonhomme, she parlayed track success into speed on the open road. The DNA Pro Cycling rider made a big impact on the UCI Track Champions League over the winter in the sprint events. In Arizona, Coles-Lyster used her powerful acceleration to take the win in the road race.

On Sunday, she repeated that result with a win in the circuit race, finishing ahead of fellow B.C. racer Holly Simonson (Red Truck Racing). InstaFund, a B.C.-based UCI Continental team found the podium again, putting Heidi Franz in third, just ahead of U.S. mountain biker Chloe Woodruff (CZRacing/CycleHaus).

The pair of wins was enough to launch Coles-Lyster into second on G.C., 13 seconds behind Bonhomme.

Holly Simonson (Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes) placed 11th overall after three days of racing. She was followed by Josephine Peloquin of the Canadian-French UCI Continental team Emotional.fr Tornatech GSC Blagnac VS31. Holly Henry (InstaFund Racing) and Kaitlyn Rauwerda (DNA Pro Cycling) in 17th adn 19th, made for six Canadians in the top-20 in Tucson.

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Results: 2022 Tucson Bicycle Classic

GC (Top-20)
1 BONHOMME, Ariane The Cyclery Racing 05:59:18.690 00:00:00
2 COLES-LYSTER, Maggie DNA Pro Cycling Team 05:59:32.110 -00:00:13
3 MCMULLEN, Rylee InstaFund Racing 05:59:32.910 -00:00:14
4 CLEVENGER, Erica DNA Pro Cycling Team 05:59:45.320 -00:00:26
5 PENUELA, Diana DNA Pro Cycling Team 05:59:46.080 -00:00:27
6 FRANZ, Heidi InstaFund Racing 05:59:52.260 -00:00:33
7 ONEILL, Cara UA Cycling 05:59:58.390 -00:00:39
8 BARRERA, Anet DNA Pro Cycling Team 06:00:00.310 -00:00:41
9 ESQUEDA, Susej SDBC Powered by Bonnici Law Group p/b UC Cyclery 06:00:03.830 -00:00:45
10 PAYER, Kira DNA Pro Cycling Team 06:00:04.570 -00:00:45
11 SIMONSON, Holly Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes 06:00:06.780 -00:00:48
12 MRUGAL, Allison Cardinal Classic Cycling 06:00:09.060 -00:00:50
13 HENRY, Meghan 06:00:15.790 -00:00:57
14 PELOQUIN, Josephine Emotional.fr Tornatech GSC Blagnac VS31 06:00:18.530 -00:00:59
15 HOWDEN, Florence Cardinal Classic Cycling 06:00:19.650 -00:01:00
16 KARAGIANIS, Daphne DNA Pro Cycling Team 06:00:19.900 -00:01:01
17 HENRY, Holly InstaFund Racing 06:00:24.050 -00:01:05
18 ACKERLUND, Erika 06:00:26.380 -00:01:07
19 RAUWERDA, Kaitlyn DNA Pro Cycling Team 06:00:28.600 -00:01:09
20 WARD, Maddy InstaFund Racing 06:00:36.890 -00:01:18
Circuit Race (Stage 3)
1 Maggie COLES-LYSTER DNA Pro Cycling Team 2:10:22.
2 Holly SIMONSON Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes 2:10:22.
3 Heidi FRANZ InstaFund Racing 2:10:23.
4 Chloe WOODRUFF CZracing/Bicycle Haus 2:10:23.
5 Allison MRUGAL Cardinal Classic Cycling 2:10:26.
6 Rylee MCMULLEN InstaFund Racing 2:10:26.
7 Diana PENUELA DNA Pro Cycling Team 2:10:26.
8 Florence HOWDEN Cardinal Classic Cycling 2:10:27.
9 Jane TULLIS Robson Forensic P/B Extra Sweet 2:10:27.
10 Ariane BONHOMME The Cyclery Racing 2:10:27.
11 Daphne KARAGIANIS DNA Pro Cycling Team 2:10:28.
12 Susej ESQUEDA SDBC Powered by Bonnici Law Group p/b UC Cyclery 2:10:28.
13 Josephine PELOQUIN Emotional.fr Tornatech GSC Blagnac VS31 2:10:29.
14 Erica CLEVENGER DNA Pro Cycling Team 2:10:29.
15 Morgan STERN Cardinal – Classic Cycling 2:10:29.
16 Cara ONEILL UA Cycling 2:10:30.
17 Brenna PAULY Red Truck Racing pb/ Mosiac Homes 2:10:30.
18 Erika ACKERLUND 2:10:34.
19 Maddy WARD InstaFund Racing 2:10:35.
20 Anet BARRERA DNA Pro Cycling Team 2:10:37.
21 Kira PAYER DNA Pro Cycling Team 2:10:38.
22 Meghan HENRY 2:10:38.
23 Paige KOSTANECKI ButcherBox Cycling 2:10:38.
24 Holly HENRY InstaFund Racing 2:10:39.
25 Kaitlyn RAUWERDA DNA Pro Cycling Team 2:10:39.
26 Rebecca RICHARDS Storey Racing 2:10:39.
27 Kimberly LUCIE DNA Pro Cycling Team 2:10:45.
28 Sydney BERRY Team Illuminate 2:10:58.
29 Brenna WRYE-SIMPSON DNA Pro Cycling Team 2:11:13.
30 Doris SCHWEIZER InstaFund Racing 2:17:43.
31 Helena CONEY InstaFund Racing 2:17:43.
32 Caileigh FILMER Cyclery Racing 2:17:43.