Armstrong promises not to lie in new documentary

New Lance documentary capitalizing on the success of Last Dance with an early release date

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“What is the worst thing that you did?”

Right from the opening line, the trailer for Lance, a new documentary on disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong promises to pull no punches.

The documentary is based on interviews with Armstrong, as well as teammates, reporters and others involved in the Texan’s career.

Lance is a two-part documentary, the latest in ESPN’s long-running 30 for 30 series. After the rampant success of its The Last Dance documentary, following the Chicago Bulls 1996 NBA play-off run, the sports channel is moving up the release date for Armstrong’s story.

Lance is the latest entry on the long list of documentaries and specials detailing the Texan’s rise to fame and turbulent fall from grace. The U.S. rider won seven Tour de France titles only to have them all stripped away when it was revealed he’d cheated throughout his career.

What’s new in Lance that hasn’t been covered yet? Well, this time he’s promising to be completely honest.

“I’m not going to lie to you now,” Armstrong says in the trailer’s closing line. “I’m going to tell you my truth.”

Part 1 of Lance airs May 24. The second half will follow on May 31. Both will fill the same Sunday 9 p.m. EDT time slot as The Last Dance. Each episode will be available to stream on ESPN+ after its TV premiere.

30 for 30: Lance

Armstrong isn’t the only one getting a bump from The Last Dance. Two other documentaries are getting earlier release dates to take advantage of the momentum built by the Michael Jordan doc.

Bruce Lee’s life story will be chronicled in Be Water, premiering June 7.

Long Gone Summer follows Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa’s quest to beat Roger Maris’s single-season home run record in 1998.