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Attorneys claim Katilin Armstrong’s house was vandalized the night of Mo Wilson’s murder

Suspect’s attorneys said there is much more to the case

Kaitlin Armstrong in jail Photo by: Nick van der Leek @CrimeRocket

“There’s a lot more to this story,” says the legal team for Kaitlin Armstrong, who is the suspect in the killing of cyclist Moriah Wilson. Rick Cofer, a well-known Austin criminal defense lawyer said “a lot” of the information that has been reported about the case is “inaccurate.”

For starters, the attorney said that the home Armstrong shared with boyfriend Colin Strickland was vandalized the night of Moriah Wilson’s death. Wilson was murdered on May 11 by gunshot. After a police investigation, a warrant for Armstrong’s arrest was filed. However, Armstrong would flee to Costa Rica for 43 days. After a massive manhunt by the US Marhsals, she was found on June 29. She was captured in Costa Rica and extradited to the United States for trial. The yoga instructor was arrested at a Don Jon’s Lodge, a $50-a-night hostel where she taught part-time yoga under the name Ari Martin, one of many aliases.

She had also gone on dates with a local man, who did not know she was wanted for murder. She had dramatically changed her appearance, cutting and dyeing her hair, and possibly getting a nose job. The man was surprised that she always wanted to go on dates in secluded spots, and also mentioned that Armstrong mentioned having gone through a “traumatizing break-up.”

Murder suspect Kaitlin Armstrong pleads not guilty in court

After the arraignment Wednesday, Cofer also began to question why Colin Strickland was never charged. In a report from the Austin Statesman, the attorney posed several questions. “Why did the Austin Police Department seemingly ignore a tip about the former boyfriend of Ms. Wilson? Did the inexperience of two key officers assigned to this case play a role in its apparent mishandling? Who vandalized the home of Kaitlin Armstrong and Colin Strickland the night of Wilson’s death, and why?”