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Austin cycling community holds memorial ride for Moriah Wilson

Emotional riders gather to honour slain cyclist

On Sunday, the Austin cycling community held a memorial ride for gravel racer Moriah Wilson who was killed May 11.
Police found the cyclist dead with several gunshot wounds. After a police  investigation, it was determined she was murdered.

Kaitlin Armstrong is currently wanted for the crime, and is on the lam. She was last spotted in New York on May 14. Armstrong was living with Colin Strickland, also an American gravel racer.

Strickland has since come forward expressing his remorse in the incident, and confirmed that he had been having a clandestine intimate relationship with Wilson. Friends of Strickland have confirmed he is currently in hiding, for fear of reprisal from Armstrong.

Colin Strickland immediately fled Texas, fearing for his life

Armstrong was previously arrested for an unrelated misdemeanor warrant issued out of Travis County for larceny. She walked out of a $650 Botox bill, but the Austin police management system listed her birthday month incorrectly, which allowed Armstrong to be released from custody, since the birth month did not match the warrant.

The memorial group ride drew many cyclists from the community, including those who didn’t even know her, but wanted to honour her life, according to a FOX news report.

“I had no idea who she was and just heard the story and wanted to be here today to support her,” local cyclist Stewart Hoffman said. “It’s a shame that her life was cut short.”

“I personally didn’t know Mo or anything like that, but the loss has been hard for everybody,” Karl Schmidt said.

Since the killing, Wilson’s family has set up a fundraiser on GoFundMe. The money raised will help fund local organizations that support young people involved in sports in the area. The Wilson family described the late cyclist as “a talented, kind, and caring young woman” and died before she could achieve everything she dreamed of. As of Monday, $109,000 has been raised.