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Barry looking forward to 2011

Canadian hopes to keep racing for at least another couple of years

Michael Barry has been with many professional cycling teams over the years, but the atmosphere at Team Sky has him loving his job more than ever before. The Toronto native, who turns 35 Dec. 18, rode his first-ever Tour de France in July with the British squad. Some had thought that with that milestone achieved he might look at retiring, but Barry said he has found a new enthusiasm for the sport. In an interview with Canadian Cycling Magazine, the rider says he’s looking forward to 2011.

 So it’s mid-November. What’s on your plate these days as far as training goes?
MB: “I started training seriously last week. At the moment, I am riding on the road, mountain biking, doing a bit of core work and running.”

When will you be reconnecting with the team?
“This week we’re in London for our team launch and meetings. Overall the team is very similar, although they have added some new faces to bring some strength to the team in the high mountains. The ambiance is good and everybody seems keen to train and race.”

Do you know yet when and where you’ll make your 2011 debut?
“I’ll likely start the season in either the Tour of the Algarve or the Tour of the Mediterranean in February. I’ll find out for sure where I’ll be racing on Thursday.”

We asked you about retirement when we saw you at the Tour and you said you were definitely coming back. Have you thought more about that beyond 2011?
“I love racing and I am having a lot of fun. I feel I can still learn, grow and progress, but I must also consider my future and family. At the moment, I am taking it year by year, but realistically, I can’t see myself racing for three or more years.”

With that said, have you thought about what you might do after racing?
“I think about it constantly. It would be ideal to combine the things I am passionate about and working towards making those key elements of my next career.”