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BC Bike Race 2014: Day 5 – Sechelt to Langdale

BC Bike Race Monsters
ferry view
The view from the Langdale ferry on the race’s return to the mainland.

Thursday’s stage of the 2014 BC Bike Race was only 40 km, but had more than 1,100 m of climbing. Luckily the temperature had come down to a manageable level due to a little more cloud cover. The pace seemed a bit high on the early climbs. I had to keep to my plan of saving some legs in preparation for the toughest stage tomorrow in Squamish, B.C. I was punished briefly for following another rider off course when we missed a turn and had to backtrack a couple minutes to where we messed up. This put me back behind a few dozen riders I had slowly been overtaking all day in the technical climbs. It was a good lesson to be reminded of on a shorter day where a few hundred extra metres doesn’t seem too daunting. I blame my competitive side for the mistake, as the rider I was following is a fellow bike writer and former pro downhiller. Once I reached the highest point of the day, it was mostly great technical descending including the day’s timed enduro stage. It was only in this shorter timed section that I actually used my dropper post as there were several tough steep switchbacks to conquer midway through, which took many riders by surprise.

BC Monsters
One of the friendly locals who you can expect on course either cheering you on or threatening to trap and eat you.

One of the great things at the BC Bike Race is the comic relief and talented musicians that pop up when you need some distraction from aching legs. You never know what’s around the next bend.

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