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BC Bike Race 2014: Day 7 – Whistler

Happy finishers
BC Bike Race completed. Smiles all around.

The 2014 BC Bike Race has come to a close. The last stage’s 22-km course was much improved due to rider feedback from year’s past. There was still a steep 5-km climb off the start, but a better mix of XC trails than the previous use of the jump-line trails. The belt buckles have been given out to finishers. Most riders are tired and a little sad  to leave this wonderland of pushed limits and immense camaraderie. My body needs rest but weirdly would be happy to get back on the saddle. Like most stages, the final one had its share of minor injuries and a few, more serious. I hope everyone comes out all right and will be back riding soon. This race is not to be taken lightly as some riders made it to the end without a scrape, but some tires never even hit the dirt singletrack on Stage 1. As for me, I made it through with a sore shoulder from a collision with a tree on Day 6 but otherwise just general fatigue.

The bike handled the 7 day race with ease.
The bike handled the seven-day race with ease.

The bike supplied by Shimano Canada handled the week’s demands with ease. The rear tire shows some wear. The XTR drivetrain, brakes and other parts were ultra reliable and gave me no issues. Shimano had spare identical bikes like mine to loan out to owners of broken or unridable bikes. And they were all being used by the end of the week. Shimano also kitted me up with Pearl Izumi bibs, jerseys, arm sleeves, socks and a pair of Shimano XC90 XC race shoes. The shoes held up to multiple rock strikes and some hike-a-bike with almost no visible wear. The white arm sleeves were much better than sunscreen as they reflected a lot of heat and kept me cooler on the hot days we encountered. The bibs and jerseys were very comfortable and are now my go-to kit.

As for results, I am happy with my race. I moved up consistently all week ending up in the top 25 in the 40-to-49 age group. I had a few good enduros as well, placing in the top 10 a couple times.

Shimano logoSupport for this trip is provided by Shimano Canada.