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Bontrager Air Support HP Pro mini pump review

An extendable hose screws onto a Presta valve meaning you can focus on getting back out on the road hassle free

Bontrager Air Support HP Pro

Bontrager Air Support HP Pro
When a friend of yours flats on a ride, or if it unfortunately happens to you, it’s always a relief when a good mini pump is on hand to inflate the tire. The Bontrager Air Support HP Pro is a reliable option with an extendable hose that gets the job done.

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Measuring in at 19 cm the pump is nice and compact so is easily stored in a back pocket. From the top of the pump a hose extendes. Stored away, you flip open a rubber top and unscrew the valve which extends out. Hoses are nice to have on mini pumps because it prevents the jarring from pumping to transfer directly to the valve. The hoses is reinforced with a medal weave to prevent it from being damaged.

Bontrager Air Support HP Pro
The head of the pump screws onto a Presta valve to be held securely in place while pumping. After four minutes of pumping in a test with a 700x28c tire, we reached 54 psi while with 100 strokes a tire pressure of 19 psi was reached. The pump has a smaller chamber to make it easier to pump high-pressure tires but still requires some effort as the pressure of the tire increases.

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Though not impressively powerful, with a bit more time spent you will be well on your way so should never be stuck on the side of the road for too long. The pump is rated to 120 psi and reaching that would be possible with some patience though in order to get back riding you can get away with lower tire pressures.

Bontrager Air Support HP Pro
The polished aluminum body is unfortunately a little slippery when your hands are sweaty making pumping a little more difficult. Otherwise it has a large surface area so it is comfortable to grip and allows you to use different hand positions if your arm gets tired.

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The pump comes with an included bracket mount if you don’t want to stow it in your back pocket. The Bontrager Air Support HP Pro is a nice option to be your next mini pump with reliable performance and nice features if you will use it solely on Presta valves. The extendable hose that screws onto the valve means you can focus on pumping. The mini pump retails for US$45.