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Brian Walton’s son just smashed the U.S. junior hour record

The former Motorola rider was incredibly proud of Jonas

Photo by: Brian Walton/Facebook

It seems like every day we are hearing about another son or daughter of a former pro who is absolutely killing it. There’s the obvious riders like Mathieu van der Poel, Zoe Backstedt, but there’s also a slew of other last names that pop up that many fans of cycling recognize. There’s Enzo Hincapie, Ashlin Barry and Gavin Hadfield, to name a few. The apple doesn’t fall far from the top tube, it seems.

You can add Brian Walton, Olympic silver medalist at the 1996 games to the list. He and his wife Dana, also a cyclist, posted about their son Jonas, a junior who is definitely turning some heads on the track.

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Brian posted on Facebook about his son’s big day, who had been preparing for weeks to try and take the hour record, which was just a hair over 49 km.

“Jonas Walton, just smashed the World Junior Hour Record, flying past the previous 49.1 distance. His new Record, 50.793km in one hour!” the former Milk Race winner posted.

Jonas Walton broke the record in Aguascalientes Mexico on Monday.