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British Cycling Federation apologizes for telling cyclists not to ride during Queen’s funeral

Governing body says they made a mistake

British cycling faced a massive backlash from the public on Tuesday after suggesting that cyclists should avoid riding during the funeral service of Queen Elizabeth II. There was a huge backlash on social media on Tuesday after British Cycling posted that they strongly recommended that “anybody out riding their bike on the day of the State Funeral did so outside of the timings of the funeral service and associated processions.”

Many took to Twitter to express their disappointment and surprise at such a suggestion. Most said it made no sense, or that they would be cancelling their membership.

In an about-face, the cycling body made another announcement, posting that they had made a mistake in the suggestion.

“British Cycling sincerely apologizes for the guidance issued on Tuesday afternoon relating to cycling during the State Funeral. We understand that the decision on whether to cycle during that time is one for individuals and clubs to take for themselves, and we’re sorry that we got it wrong on this occasion.”