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Calgary company creating a lightweight, versatile all-road ebike

Cycles Toussaint’s Le Taureau combines style and functionality

Cycles Toussaint bike Photo by: Matt Stetson

Cycles Toussaint, a Calgary-based company, is working on a lightweight bike geared to a wide array of cyclists and terrains. Founders Evan Hu and Mike Foster believe that as physical abilities evolve with time and rider priorities shift, pedal-assist ebikes can enable cyclists to sustain their involvement in rides and events. The brand is set to begin production in the fall with its new model, Le Taureau.

Road, gravel, touring or commuting

Le Taureau is designed for road, gravel, touring and commuter rides. It provides a boost to experienced riders with shifting fitness levels or those cycling with friends or partners who are just a bit faster. Whether your goal is to maintain the pace during group rides or conquer hills, pedal assistance transforms steep challenges into opportunities to connect with stronger peers and reduce strain on muscles and joints.

Beyond these advantages, ebikes offer additional benefits. Pedal assistance can mean less strain on the body, lowering the risk of overuse injuries and ensuring a longer and more comfortable ride. Additionally, the added watts from the hub-drive unit create a more leisurely experience, allowing riders to savour their surroundings and chat with fellow cyclists.

Looks like a regular (and fast!) bike

Le Taureau doesn’t “look” like an ebike, which is one of the company’s goals. “Le Taureau riders don’t wish to deceive other cyclists into thinking they aren’t on an ebike, however, they don’t want it to be painfully obvious either,” Foster says. “From a classic bicycle design perspective, many ebikes on the market, with their bulky battery compartments and oversized frames, are not pleasing to the eye. Le Taureau changes perspectives on what an ebike can look like.”

The bike features an FSA E-System hub-drive motor that complements pedalling efforts through torque and speed sensors, ensuring optimal wattage. The system drive unit and battery are a relatively svelte 4 kg, keeping in line with Cycles Toussaint’s goals for a lightweight ride.

Weighing in at 13.5 kg, the durable titanium bike won’t feel sluggish or cumbersome. “When you ride it, it feels quicker and more agile,” Hu says, which is important not just for scenic rides, but for gravel and commuting as well. “This is key, especially in environments where quick turns, stops and navigating through obstacles are common,” he adds.


Another benefit of a lighter ebike is that it is easier to transport. Lifting it on a rack or even taking it up some stairs doesn’t have to pose challenges. Le Taureau boasts a lightweight frame thanks to the 3Al-2.5V titanium tubes used in its construction. The weight not only increases handling and transport convenience, but it also contributes to enhanced durability and longevity. Since lighter bikes need less energy to get them up to speed and to keep them going, the Le Taureau’s low weight means you can get more range out of the battery. Less weight also means less stress on components, such as tires, brakes and the drivetrain.

Le Taureau will be sold direct to consumers with an expected price of $10,500. This includes a Shimano Ultegra groupset, carbon forks, FSA handlebars, and FSA alloy wheelset. Options for Dura-Ace Di2 and GRX 1 x 12 Shimano groupsets as well as FSA carbon wheelsets are available. Cycles Toussaint will be taking preorders in October with deliveries in early 2024.

To learn more, head on over to Cycles Toussaint

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