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Castelli Idro Jacket reviewed

Redefining waterproof and lightweight

This lightweight jacket practically goes unnoticed in your rear pocket until you whip it out for rain protection. Then, the Castelli Idro shines with Gore-Tex Active technology to keep you warm and dry.


This jacket does not shy away from the fact it is geared towards high performance. In an extremely lightweight package, it still packs a punch, keeping the wind and rain out that can compromise a good ride. Most rain coats have three layers, the outer being a textile treated with a DWR finish to prevent moisture penetration. When this treatment comes off the textile will begin to absord water making the jacket less effective. The Idor uses a two-layered construction that makes it possible to be so lightweight—123 g for a size large—and unable to absorb moisture on the outer face.

The Idro eliminates the choice between a lightweight and a super effective jacket. The jacket has a very comfortable fit. Sealed sleeves keep the jacket from moving around once on and a high collar keeps the heaviest of rain out. The jacket’s Gor-tex Shakedry construction is fabulous. In heavy rain the jacket sheds water like few materials we have ever seen. The jacket is also extremely effective against a cold wind because of it’s solid construction.

This is really the go to jacket for when you’ve made the decision to ride in the rain. With proper layering though it can be made more versatile and because it can be taken off and stowed away so easily there is almost no reason not to have it on you when there is rain in the forecast.

The jersey has a rear zipper that makes the pockets accessible from the right side and reflective strips to keep you visible. The zippers flat is tight and effective and keeping the elements out. The jacket also feels very durable and the interior stitching is all very tightly taped meaning that we expected it to be a very durable part of our wardrobe for a long time to come. The fit is loose enough to wear layers underneath but tight enough to not flat excessively in the wind.

The Castelli Idro is a very effective raincoat. The quality construction makes it ideal for the worst rain and it’s lightweight construction means that it fits into a jersey pocket. The Idro is available for $450.