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Check out the absolutely bonkers muddy conditions at Rochester ‘Cross

The course became basically a Slip N Slide

Photo by: Amy @akwca

Vincent Baestaens and Annemarie Worst took the wins in the men’s and women’s races on Saturday and Sunday, at the USACX series, in some super-messy conditions. Sunday’s event was incredibly dramatic with muddy run-ups and descents that saw many riders take some creative choices. Micg

Canada’s Ava Holmgren took the junior women’s race both days with her sister Isabella coming in second, with Ian Ackert taking the win in the junior men’s race on Sunday. Michael van den Ham was top Canuck on Saturday, coming in fifth, and then seventh on Sunday. In the elite women’s races, Sidney McGill was eigth on Saturday and fifth on Sunday.

The big story on Sunday was the atrocious conditions, which drew quite a bit of criticism from other cyclists. Although Worst managed ascend the messy first hill, everyone else was bogged down, unable to make it up.

Check out the toboggan ride that some riders opted for on the way down as it was pretty much unrideable.