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Colin Strickland denies having had ongoing affair with Moriah Wilson

The gravel racer is in therapy, and trying to process the horrific events

Colin Strickland headshot

Former Unbound Gravel winner, Colin Strickland has denied having a secret relationship with Moriah Wilson, who was killed May 11. Strickland’s current girlfriend, Kaitlin Armstrong, has been on the run for over a month after being connected in the killing of cyclist Wilson.

According to the US Sun, Strickland said he dated Wilson briefly when he and Armstrong were “on a break.” He said that during that period, Armstrong saw other people as well.

Strickland said that he got back together with Armstrong because they “shared business interests.” But he reiterated that he and Wilson only dated for the one week.

‘I had ended the relationship with Kaitlin and it was just interesting timing because Mo had come to Austin to visit a friend that exact week,’ he said to The Sun. ‘It was completely unplanned and yeah, we started spending some time together. That was clearly expressed to Kaitlin at that time and Kaitlin dated other men directly after that.”

“We were clearly going our separate ways but we just didn’t get enough inertia to separate,” he said.

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The gravel racer also said that he hadn’t really been in contact with Wilson after the one week fling. “Mo and I communicated about twice a month after that and I think it was skewed in a very misleading way in the affidavit,’ Strickland said.

Strickland added that he and Armstrong patched things up because “Kaitlin and I were involved in several businesses together.” He also said was shocked to hear that Armstrong was wanted in connection with the killing. “I would say she is one of the least volatile people I have ever met and that’s why it’s so absolutely shocking. She had sides to her personality that I don’t think she shared with anybody. I had no indication of anything like that.”

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When asked if he was riding at all, he was blunt. “I am working on fucking cars all day, that’s what I’m doing, he said. “There’s nothing I can do except drive myself crazy. That’s really it. I’m not cycling at all. I’ve not ridden a bike in six weeks. I’ve ridden a commuter bike about to go to therapy appointments and that’s really it.

Strickland said that he hopes therapy will help with the situation.

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Strickland had no idea where his girlfriend may be. and hasn’t been watching the news. He is still in shock, trying to deal with the tragedy, like so many in the cycling community.

“I’m really just getting started. It’s a lot to process,’ he explained. “I need the required time to mourn and grieve, pretty much everybody does.”