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4 reasons you should consider ordering custom cycling kit

Top reasons that ordering custom can be fun and rewarding


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Ordering custom cycling kit provides a unique opportunity to build an identity for your group. As a racing team or club having custom clothing is essential so you are easily identified or recognized. But groups of all sizes can benefit in different ways from ordering custom. Here are some of the top reasons ordering custom can be rewarding and a lot of fun.

1. It builds an identity

Sporting custom clothing creates a platform to be recognized out on the road that represents your group. Creating an identity is important if you are a member of a club or racing team but groups of varying sizes can draw excitement and satisfaction from the creative process that goes along with going custom. A trendy cycling kit is a great way to get noticed.

The kit should be something that you will be proud to wear.”First and foremost custom kits gives an identity,” said Bronko Glavich of Uno Imports.

“The big thing about custom is it tells a story,” said Charlie Bryer of Pearl Izumi. “Custom can be a way to represent a brand, to have a distinction out on the road because it can tell a story. It’s a platform for expression. ”

2. It creates a sense of camaraderie

Whether you pursue the project with friends, to identify your group at a charity ride or because you plan on racing together, wearing the same kit brings cyclists together. Riding along your local roads and in pictures you will be able to easily pick out other cyclists you know. “Getting away from solid fashions allows cyclist to identifying who you ride for,” said Glavich.

3. The creative process

A plain kit is a blank slate ready to receive your groups personality and identity. If you already have a vision of what your perfect kit looks like then custom allows you to make it a reality. Using colours and patterns you can find unique ways to express what your group stands for. It gives riders the opportunity to sport a unique and stylish look with personalized details or inside jokes.

The design process should be a lot of fun and while coming up with a design can be challenging for some, most clothing companies have designers on hand to help you out with the processes. Seeing a project through is extremely enjoyable and when you finally get out in your new kit, you will feel extremely satisfied.

4. The value proposition

The value proposition of ordering custom is also attractive. Buying in bulk is a great way to get more for your money and with cycling kit it is no different. If you can get together a group to meet the minimum order you will almost always get more for your moneys worth than buying off the rack.

Companies offer many of their clothing lines, as well as accessories in their custom programs and minimums, can start as low as 10 items.

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