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Cycling bridge across the Grandview Cut proposed for East Vancouver

The 60-m connection would link to the Central Valley Greenway

Image: B.C. Hydro

Riders in East Vancouver may soon benefit from a newly proposed 60-m cycling route, connecting Vancouver with Burnaby, B.C., by bridge across the Grandview Cut.

The proposal, made by B.C. Hydro, is part of the utility company’s Metro North Transmission Project.

For cyclists, the bridge route—which will serve a dual purpose as a conduit for a new transmission line across the Grandview Cut, as well as providing a pedestrian-only pathway—will include a dedicated cycling path, 3.5 m in width. With lighting installed along the bridge, meeting both safety and visibility needs, the new connection will also link riders with the Central Valley Greenway, one of the region’s busiest and most popular bike paths.

In broader terms, the Grandview Cut bridge, by connecting riders with the Central Valley Greenway, would also connect other key bike routes throughout the Lower Mainland. Presently, the Greenway—extending 25 km throughout the Greater Vancouver Area—follows the SkyTrain route, with on-street and off-street paths linking Vancouver, Burnaby and New Westminster.

Though construction on the project isn’t scheduled to begin for some time—the go-ahead from the B.C. Utilities Commission is still pending—authorities with B.C. Hydro, News 1130 reports, are looking for public input about how best to make it a reality.

“Right now, it sort of exists as a concept,” said Judy Dobrowolski, a stakeholder engagement adviser with B.C. Hydro. “And we’re looking for feedback to help us design it. We want to know what people think of this proposal, we’d like to know if people are supportive of it.”

“We’re also looking for input on the design of the bridge and safety features, as well as how it could best fit in with the Central Valley Greenway,” Dobrowolski added.