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Cycling Canada announces cyclocross working group

As announced Thursday, Canada's national cycling body, Cycling Canada, has announced the formation of a new cyclocross working group.

Aaron Schooler
Aaron Schooler
Aaron Schooler is the cyclocross working group’s Elite men’s representative, seen here wrestling the mud of the 2015 edition of Cyclocross International de Nommay. Photo credit: Joseph Haas/‏@josephhaas22

On Thursday, Canada’s national cycling body, Cycling Canada, announced the formation of a new cyclocross working group.

The working group is made up of various stakeholders in national cyclocross, with its stated objectives being the improvement of communications and planning around Canadian cyclocross programs. Additionally, the group has been tasked with exploring funding, as well as identifying and engaging leaders in Canada’s cyclocross community, all key aspects of developing a sustainable cyclocross program nationwide.

Scott Kelly, Cycling Canada announced, has been named to the role of program manager for the cyclocross program, a position he comes to with a wealth of experience as one of Canada’s foremost cyclocross authorities. Already a staff member of Cycling Canada over the course of the last three cyclocross world championships, Kelly has also been an attendee of nine world championships, the 2012 London Olympics, and the 2011 Pan Am Games, all in the same capacity as a key player on staff with Cycling Canada.

Also on the roster for the working group is Mical Dyck, a two-time TR7 champion and three-time Canada Cup series champion, whose other accolades have included a top-tier ranking in Canada for cyclocross. Dyck joins the working group as the Elite female rep, while Aaron Schooler signs on to represent Elite male competitors. Last year, Schooler won in the elite men’s category at the Fireman’s Cross Ontario Cup CX, and turned in the top Canadian performance last February at the Elite men’s raec at the 2015 UCI Cyclocross World Championships in the Czech Republic. At that competition, he placed 36th.

In addition to Kelly, Dyck and Schooler, other names on the working group roster include Kris Westwood, Jayson Gillespie, Craig Ritchey and Mike Garrigan. Meanwhile, the working group has drafted selection criteria for riders who want to compete at the UCI Cyclocross World Cup in Las Vegas, happening on Sept. 16. A copy of that criteria can be read by visiting this link.