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Cyclist breaks Zwift distance record with 62-hour ride

Jasmijn Muller rode 1,828 km to smash the single-session Zwift distance record

Endurance athlete Jasmijn Muller spent 62 hours 4 minutes and 30 seconds pedalling 1,828 km on Zwift to smash the single-session distance world record on the popular social training app. Her effort concluded on February 21 after nearly three days of pedalling on the training app.

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Muller began the ride on February 18 at 3 p.m. GST and she called it quits on February 21. Muller didn’t go the entire period without sleeping, instead taking 25-minute naps and bathroom breaks. She also changed her kit.

Her  record adds 200-km on the previous mark set by Chris Hopkinson just over a month ago. He took 72 hours and had covered 1,626 km.

For her record attempt, Muller was using her Specialized S-Works Shiv time trial bike and a Wahoo Kickr trainer. She planned the record attempt to see how close women could come to matching men in ultra-endurance challenges and she used it to raise money and awareness for cancer research in the UK.

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She also decided to test her body and fitness in a safe and controlled environment ahead of the Land’s End to John o’ Groats 1,900 km traverse of Great Britain and her 1000 mile record attempt she has planned for September 2017.

When Muller finished her attempt she had been riding Zwift Islands Watopia course for almost 3 days. The course she rode is just over 4-km long meaning she had done over 450 laps of the little virtual volcanic island by the time here record attempt came to a close.

The ride makes your hour long Zwift training sessions and even the 342-km Russell Slater rode on Zwift look like casual riding sessions.