A cyclist riding through LA traffic on Saturday spotted a car that looked familiar. The vehicle belonged to his wife and had been stolen. At the wheel was the alleged thief. The cyclist threw his bike in front of the vehicle to prevent her from driving away and called the police.

The incident was caught on video by a Canadian social media personality Matthew Santoro who posted the confrontation on Twitter. Santoro has six million Youtube subscribers and over 580,000 Twitter followers.

The video shows a Lycra-clad cyclist on his phone speaking to police. The cyclist explains he’s found his wife’s stolen car. As he speaks to law enforcement, the thief walks away at a brisk pace. According to LA Police, several bystanders were able to stop the women from fleeing and held her until law enforcement made it to the scene according to ABC7. The police thanked the bystanders for intervening.

The incident took place in Venice Beach, California. Police confirmed the vehicle had been stolen from Santa Monica and took the 39-year-old women into custody.

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