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Cyclists block Vancouver truck convoy

Counter-protesters block West Coast wing of truck rally at Terminal Avenue

Photo by: CTV Vancouver / Travis Prasad Twitter

As Anti-mandate protests drag into a second weekend across Canada, groups of counter-protesters are starting to push back. In Vancouver, a sizeable group of cyclists halted that city’s anti-mandate protest in its tracks.

As the trucker protest rolled toward downtown Vancouver it was met by several dozen cyclists and counter-protestors on foot, reports CTV. The counter-protest at the end of Terminal Ave. at Main St. on Saturday morning.

As police directed truckers to re-route, a roaming cat-and-mouse protest-counter-protest strategy unfolded, according to the Vancouver Police.

“The vehicle convoy has now split in multiple directions, as numerous counter-protesters attempt to impede its movement by blocking intersections,” the Vancouver Police tweeted.

Eventually, a sizeable group of trucks and other vehicles gathered closer to downtown, slowing traffic on Burrard St. bridge Saturday afternoon.

CTV had earlier reported the protest route planned to roll past two of the cities hospitals. Both hospitals have warned staff to hide medical credentials for their own safety in advance of the planned protest.

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This isn’t the first time a Vancouver cyclist has used two wheels to stop four. While on his way to work last Saturday, Tyrone Siglos did his best to slow the rolling protest as it moved through Vancouver.

Police departments across the country are advising counter-protesters to exercise caution and avoid, or be careful engaging with the anti-mandate protestors.

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