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Derek Gee and Paula Findlay new elite Canadian time trial champions

Rain and wind made for some tough racing

Derek Gee Photo by: Stefan Ritter

The first day of the 2022 Canadian Road Championships kicked off in Edmonton on Thursday with a full slate of time trials. With 2021 champion Hugo Houle is Europe getting ready for his fourth consecutive Tour de France, Derek Gee took his first Canadian chrono crown. Gee had impressed in February’s Gran Camiño concluding time trial, earning fifth place. Overnight Alison Jackson fell prey to illness and couldn’t defend her elite women’s title, which was snaffled up by Paula Findley.

The early morning races belonged to the para cycling athletes. In the Men’s C1-5 category, Alexandre Hayward (C2) of Team New Brunswick was the fastest at 25:37 over 19.29 km, with last year’s champ Piotr Czyzowicz (C4) runner up at 29:24.

The Women’s C1-5 saw Czyzowicz’s teammate Marie Claude Molnar (C4) stop the clock at 26:51 to repeat as champion. Watt Riot Racing’s Keely Shaw was second fastest C4 but only two seconds slower. Mel Pemble of B.C. was the fastest C3 at 28:12.

Men and women of H3-5 category went next. Alex Hyndman (MH3) owned the top time of 29:02, while Kara Douville was fastest WH4 with 32:22.

The WT1-2 races had Shelley Gautier (T1) roll 23:33 over 12.86 km, while Marie Eve Croteau was fastest T2 at 24:38.

Only two fellows were in the MT1-2 chrono, where Louis Albert Corriveau Jolin of Equipe du Québec beat out Nathan Clement by 27 seconds.

In the B category, in which the athletes raced 32 km, Albertan Lowell Taylor was best male at 38:52 and teammate Clara Shibley was top female with 47:08.

Junior Women

Penelope Primeau, runner-up last year, took the junior women’s medal with a time of 23:23 over 16 km, 19 seconds faster than Equipe du Québec teammate Eloise Camire. Ava Holmgren, also known for her cyclocross skills, rounded out the podium.

1) Penelope Primeau (Equipe du Québec) 23:23
2) Eloise Camire (Equipe du Québec) +0:19
3) Ava Holmgren (Team Ontario/Stimulus Orbea) +0:21

Junior Men

Over 32 km, B.C.’s Campbell Parrish was fastest in the Junior Men’s category, 22 seconds quicker than Carson Mattern. Felix Hamel wore the bronze.

1) Campbell Parrish (Red Truck Racing/Cycling BC) 40:53
2) Carson Mattern (Team Ontario) +0:22
3) Felix Hamel (Equipe du Québec) +0:29

Elite/U23 Women

Star triathlete Paula Findlay rides to her 2022 national time trial championship title in Beaumont, Alta., just south of her hometown of Edmonton. Photo: Stefan Ritter

Jenna Nestman was an early leader with 45:44, while Laury Milette had the fastest time for the u-23 women with 48:17. Paula Findlay then overtook Nestman by 1:04. Milette shuffled down the deck, and track ace Ngaire Barraclough took over best U23 time with 45:24 and would hold off Sarah van Dam.

Although Findley wasn’t a familiar name to some cyclists, she is a well-known triathlete. The runner-up for the second consecutive year was Marie-Soleil Blaise and in third place was Leah Kirchmann.

Elite Women
1) Paula Findlay (Unaffiliated) 44:40
2) Marie-Soleil Blaise (Farto-BTC) +0:39
3) Leah Kirchmann (Team DSM) +0:53

U23 Women
1) Ngaire Barraclough (The Cyclery Racing) 45:24
2) Sarah van Dam (Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes) +1:01
3) Adéle Degagnés (Emotional.FR/Tornatech) +1:10

Elite/U23 Men

Thursday’s final action would take place over 48 km. The weather turned inclement.

Elite rider Warren Muir set the early tone, stopping the clock at 1:00:52. Thomas Nadeau represented the U23s with 1:01:41 until Francis Juneau posted 1:00:36. Tristan Jussaume would prove the fastest of the U23s, finishing his 48 km just under an hour.

The terrible weather prompted many DNFs, including Ben Perry. Matteo Dal-Cin withstood the storm and usurped Muir’s top spot with 59:10. But Derek Gee would not be denied his Canadian national time trial jersey, finishing 32 seconds faster than Dal-Cin.

Gee is moving up to Israel-Premier Tech from Israel Cycling Academy next season.

Elite Men
1) Derek Gee (Israel Cycling Academy) 58:18
2) Matteo Dal-Cin (Toronto Hustle) +0:32
3) Pier-André Coté (Human-Powered Health) +1:02

U23 Men
1) Tristan Jussaume (Equipe du Québec) 59:56
2) Francis Juneau (Premier Tech U23 Project) +0:40
3) Thomas Nadeau 9Desjardins-Ford-Cromwell-Primeau) +1:45

The racing continues on Saturday with Para and Junior men’s and women’s road races.