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Diadora Polarex Plus boots, all-weather footwear for when the winter gets interesting

There's snow on the ground? Great. That just means things are more interesting. In a nutshell, that’s what Diadora's Polarex Plus boots are all about.

Diadora Polarex

There’s snow on the ground? Great. That just means things are more interesting. In a nutshell, that’s what Diadora’s Polarex Plus boots are all about.

The boots are built for your mountain bike pedals, whether you keep them on your trail bike in the winter, move them to a fat bike for snowy fun or slap them on your winter road machine. It may not be the trail that calls when the snow falls. It could also simply be the let-me-free desire to defy cabin fever and to saddle up and ride despite the snow, whether it’s on dirt—or at least what was dirt in other seasons—or on the road. Even on the asphalt, a rooster-tail of water, slush or snow from the road’s surface can drench a good pair of shoes and booties, making what should be a joyful two-wheeling escape a serious matter of discomfort.

The Polarex Plus offerings are designed to encase the feet against that ugly wintertime saturation, creating a well-fitted, insulated, weatherproof enclosure. A good deal of that is thanks to the Suprell-Tech design of the shoe’s upper. Underneath is a waterproof membrane, Diatex, with a fuzzy thermal lining. At the ankle a neoprene-like material that provides protection against the elements and can hold in warmth—a definite advantage for the all-weather mountain biker.

That robust protection against the elements, though—something that might bring to mind a pair of heavy, cumbersome boots, and all the disadvantage such boots would offer a cyclist—doesn’t sacrifice anything when it comes to maximizing one’s ride.

Of particular note are the soles of Diadora’s Polarex Plus boots. Composite-reinforced, with a two-hole mountain-style cleat, the bottom of the shoes are based on Diadora’s Performance MTB CR sole, maintaining a stiffness index of 6. Just over halfway on that scale of one to 10, the sole retains enough rigidity to allow for maximum power transfer during a ride, but it’s also flexible enough to be practical when the need to dismount and a walk—for whatever reason, hike-a-biking or otherwise—comes calling. With a Boa lacing system and a fit that corresponds with Diadora’s snug Race Plus profile, Diadora’s Polarex boots, weighing in at 395 g for a size 42, are great winter cycling footwear no matter where you ride.

Diadora’s Polarex Plus boots are available for CAD $279.00 in sizes ranging from 38 to 47.