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Did Kaitlin Armstrong pretend to go to New Jersey to flee the country?

Authorities are wondering if she has tricked them

Kaitlin Armstrong wanted poster for murder of Moriah Wilson

Is Kaitlin Armstrong even in the United States anymore? Some experts think she may have purposely gone to New Jersey and booked a flight to throw them off. Armstrong is wanted in connection of the murder of Moriah Wilson, who was killed on May 11.

Inside Edition, (yes, them) have reported that her booking a flight may have been a clever ruse. “We’ve still been unable to locate a flight that was under the name of Kaitlin Armstrong,” Deputy U.S. Marshal Brandon Filla said. “Looking at video surveillance, trying to narrow down Kaitlin Armstrong amongst thousands of visitors that come in and out of that airport on a daily basis.”

Kaitlin Armstrong spotted in New Jersey, US Marshals upgrade case status

The report goes on to say that authorities fear she may have left the country after being seen at New Jersey’s Newark International Airport on May 18, four days after a warrant was issued for her arrest.
The question remains: did the yoga teacher actually board the flight? Or was it all a ploy to throw authorities off her trail?

The US Marshals have escalated their search for the fugitive, they have also upgraded the Armstrong investigation to “major case status.” They are also now offering a $5,000 as a reward for any information that will lead to her arrest.

Austin cycling community holds memorial ride for Moriah Wilson

Since Wilson’s death, Armstrong’s boyfriend Colin Strickland has come forward and admitted to having a relationship with the victim. Authorities believe that Armstrong may have shot Wilson in a jealous rage. Strickland himself is in hiding, apparently, fearing for his life.