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Do velodromes need higher barriers?

Many are calling for change after horrific crash at the Commonwealth Games

Photo by: Fzc44 @fzc44

After the terrible crash during the men’s scratch race at the Commonwealth games, which saw Isle of Man’s Matt Bostock and Canada’s Derek Gee taken to hospital, some are asking for improved safety measures.

British track rider Laura Kenny told the Guardian that cycling needs to do more to prevent dangerous incidents. The crash at the scratch race saw Gee and Bostock quite literally ride the rails and crash into the crowd.

I think the crashes are getting worse and it’s because the speeds are getting higher, the positions are getting more extreme,” Kenny said. “Some of the pursuit positions people are getting in, you see people crashing into the back of people.

“At some point the UCI are going to have to put a cap on these positions. Maybe there should be screens because Matt should not have been able to go over the top and into the crowd, that’s pretty damn dangerous,” the five-time Olympic champion said. “It’s the third time now I’ve been in a velodrome and witnessed someone go over the top. Matt was laughing and making jokes with the paramedics which is brilliant to hear but if he’d not gone over he would have done less damage and certainly done less damage to the little girl.”

The crash happened when several riders collided, and other riders tried to avoid them, but at high speed they went up the banking and into the crowd.

Two people in the crowd, including the young girl Kenny spoke of, were treated for injuries. One man who was soaked in blood was taken away in a wheelchair.

If you haven’t seen the crash, you can watch it below.