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Eon D’Ornellas seriously injured on bike in driver collision in Florida

Incident occurred on Friday

Photo by: Eon D'Ornellas/Facebook

Louis Garneau posted some lousy news about former national champion, and current bike store owner Eon D’Ornellas. The two-time Olympian and national road and criterium champion was hit by a motorist in Florida, Garneau said.

Garneau, a former teammate of D’Ornellas in the ’80s, posted the news Tuesday. “My great friend Eon D’Ornellas was hit by a car last Friday in Florida,” Garneau said. “Eon is a Bike dealer from Toronto and he is a super cyclist! He will survive. Please don’t text and drive.”

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Another Canadian cycling legend Hugh Walton said that D’Ornellas is currently in hospital. Walton, who rode in the 1976 Olympic Games in the pursuit, said there were many injuries.

“Eon is recovering in a hospital in Florida with many broken bones (pelvis) and lacerations. The driver was apprehended without incident,” Walton said.