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Everything you missed at the Tour de Quarantine: Stage 1

Cycling announcer Brad Sohner's hilarious narration of cycling commuters

The Tour de Quarantine, this season’s most riveting race, has started stage 1 with a bang. Holding out a 45 second lead over the other cyclists, Guy in Orange and Lady On The e-Bike battled out the final kilometer on the race’s iconic Alpe d’River—a monumental climb that averages a hefty 2 per cent grade.

Cycling announcer Brad Sohner guides us through the exciting last moments of the race.

Lady On The e-Bike’s victory in this first stage demonstrates that she will be a force to be reckoned with this Quarantine season. In the post-race interview Guy in Orange had trouble hiding his disappointment.

“I think I could do better, I had bad sensations in the legs,” he said. “Not a lot of training this week. It’s been a lot of time in my house, counting my toilet paper, so, yeah, bad preparation.”

Although Lady On The e-Bike was triumphant in the first stage, there are still many stages to come, and at this point the race is anyone’s to win.

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UPDATE: Stage 2, 3 and 4 are live