Canadian Cycling Magazine is in Calpe, Spain at Shimano’s 2017 press camp and we got a quick look at the new Shimano CM-2000 sports camera. The cameras new features are designed to make it easier for cyclists to capture their most thrilling moments whether on the road, cobbles, gravel or the trails.

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The new cameras feature Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity. The camera to be paired with a speed sensor, heart rate monitor and power metre. This doesn’t just allow you to have data overlay to better understand and analyze your ride. Performance data can be used to program the camera to start recording when your heart rate, speed or power gets to a certain level. This ensures you are capturing the most exciting parts of the ride and you don’t forget to turn the camera on. It also helps to save memory, battery life and allows you to stay focused on your riding instead of the camera.


Bluetooth connectivity allows the camera to be paired with the Shimano Sports Camera App. A new feature on the CM-2000 allows GPS determined auto recording once connected to a smartphone. Recording can then automatically start and finish at predetermined points on your ride such as descents or particularly scenic sections of road. With the smartphone app, up to five cameras can be controlled and live view can be viewed. ANT+ sensor data can be viewed with the app as well on preview movies. The app can also be used to set image quality, angle of view, white balance and exposure to ensure you are capturing the best images. With the Shimano Camera Editor, a PC and Mac app, ANT+ data can be overlayed on video.

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The image quality on the camera is 1440 p 30 frame/sec. The cameras are water and dust resistant so the unit does not require a box to record in muddy or wet conditions. The lens has an image stabilizing function so on gravel, trails, cobbles or rough roads you can still get a clear image. New accessories for the cameras include a lower profile helmet mount, a goggle mount and a saddle camera mount. The camera also has a replaceable battery for long rides so you can carry around extra juice.

Stay tuned with Canadian Cycling Magazine for more from the 2017 Shimano Press Camp.


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