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Follow Phil Gaimon’s dog on Strava

The former pro cyclist makes the good girl her own account

Phil Gaimon, former pro, has made a living for himself being a “retired” cyclist. The author of Draft Animals, Pro Cycling on $10 a Day and Ask a Pro, retired from professional cycling in 2016. Since then, he has been growing his personal brand, traveling the world chasing hillclimb KOMs in his Worst Retirement Ever Youtube series and rating cookies on his Instagram.

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The 34-year-old has amassed a huge online following. He currently has 57.3k Instagram followers, 31.4k  Twitter followers, 61.7k Youtube subscribers and 35.7k Strava followers. He also hosts a weekly podcast, The Peloton Brief, and an annual charity event ride in California called Phil’s Cookie Fondo.

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A new pet

According to his social media, Gaimon recently moved in with his girlfriend and her dog. The dog, Nala, is “Part pitbull, boxer and sloth,” says Gaimon.

As an attempt to get the dog in shape, Gaimon has created a Strava profile for her. Nala’s first Strava post, a 0.61 km walk, appears to to have been hard work. She titled the walk “Don’t listen to Phil calling it a walk this was a hike”.

Nala, phil Gaimon's dog
Nala, Phil Gaimon’s dog, now has a Strava profile

Although Gaimon seems to be coaching the (somewhat unenthusiastic) dog along her fitness journey, he still has a soft spot for her, writing simply, “good girl” in her profile description.

Update: Gaimon is now reporting that Strava has taken down Nala’s account. Apparently signing up dogs, and presumably other non-humans violates the platforms terms of service. It sounds like they were concerned the pup might steal KOM’s from actual humans. So, if you’re planning on creating an account for your own four legged pet – or however many legs your pet has – maybe dress it up in a hat, or give it a more human name to see if you can fool the Strava police.