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Garmin acquires Firstbeat Analytics

The physiological data analysis company is the latest addition Garmin's portfolio

Photo by: Garmin

Garmin, which has been steadily growing and acquired Tacx last year, has just announced it will be acquiring Firstbeat Analytics. The company had been using algorithms from Firstbeat Analytics—a privately-held provider of physiological analytics and metrics for consumer devices in the health, wellness, fitness and performance markets—for almost 10 years already.

Firstbeat is behind many of Garmin’s key features, as well as some of its latest updates—’Training Load’, ‘Calories Burned’ and ‘Heat & Altitude Acclimatization’, among others. The company uses heartbeat data from consumer devices to create meaningful information that athletes can use to enhance performance and wellbeing. Using a combination of sensor data, including heart rate variability (HRV), Firstbeat Analytics provides metrics in areas such as stress, sleep, VO2 max, training status/load, training effect, respiration rate, calories burned. This holistic approach to training and an personal physical data allows users to make better, more informed decisions about training and recovery.

Sleep analysis, recently released as a beta on-unit feature for Garmin watch users, is a training metric rapidly growing in popularity. With data from outside of training sessions (such as sleep), more hands-on access to analysis from the purchase of Firstbeat, and the introduction of rider-specific suggested workouts on the new Garmin Plus series, Garmin is gradually edging out competitors in the cycling software game.

“Having utilized Firstbeat’s innovative analytics across our product lines for more than a decade, we are excited to have the Firstbeat Analytics associates join the Garmin team, establishing us at the forefront of physiological analytics,” said Cliff Pemble, Garmin president and CEO. “Together with their team of physiologists, scientists and engineers, we look forward to providing Garmin customers with unmatched technology for greater performance, recovery and overall health.”

“Millions of Garmin customers depend on Firstbeat Analytics data from their smartwatch or cycling computer every day,” said Aki Pulkkinen, co-founder of Firstbeat. “We have enjoyed a strong collaboration with Garmin over the years, and we look forward to continuing to work together to bring the most advanced and accurate health and performance data to our customers.”