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Geoff Kabush chugs, does pushups and chugs some more all in the name of ‘cross

The three-time Canadian cyclocross champions revolutionary 60 second workout

Geoff Kabush

Geoff Kabush has accumulated a lot of experience over his long career and he’s now passing on some of that knowledge. He’s won three Canadian cyclocross championship titles, represented Canada three times at the Olympics in mountain biking and traveled to Europe to race on the cyclocross circuit which brought him to Belgian, the heart land of the sport.

While his biggest results have come in mountain biking, his second sport is cyclocross. In a gesture of good humour, Kabush wants to pass along some of his wisdom and has designed what he says is a revolutionary 60 second workout to prep you for ‘cross season.

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Coach Kabush starts with the first item you will need for the workout which is a bottle opener fashioned on a brake booster which he says he won in a break dance contest.

He continues to explain the purpose of this workout, “So beer, that’s what I noticed in Belgium. All the Belgians were shit faced drunk. They like to drink a lot and they like to go to ‘cross races,” he says. “So this is going to prepare you for that.

Kabush pulls out two bottles of Chimay Bleue trappiste beer along with two glasses which he duly notes are the correct shape for the beer.

“This work out is not just for building tolerance for Belgium beer but also to build some strength and fitness,” he says.

What’s the workout you ask. Kabush gets to that. “So what you want to do is drink one beer, do 50 pushups and drink the second beer, in under 60 seconds…pretty simple.”

After a bit of hesitation, Kabush begins the ‘workout’ chugging the beer then getting down for the pushups which he completes in approximately 40 seconds. When the second beer is down the clock stops.

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As Kabush composes himself following the effort to empart some final bits of wisdom, a message goes by by in the banner below: “Sub 52sec is pretty much a world record. This stunt was performed by a trained professional. Please do not try this at home. Instead buy me beer at the races. Preferably Belgian Trappiste Ales.”

After winning the 2017 Grouse Grind Mountain Run, a hill climb running race in B.C. which took place on Sept. 17, it appears Kabush is well and truly coming into cyclocross season form.